Window Leak Repair Services

There are several causes of window leaks. Defective seals can be caused by faulty weatherstripping or voids in window channels and joints, which may be the cause of water entering the facility and structural facade walls. Window leak repairs are necessary to keep the home or commercial property dry while also avoiding drafts and cold air coming into the house. Window leak repairs are a great service for homeowners or commercial business owners who may be looking for ways to save money, as many window leaks can cause problems with climate controlled spaces as cold or warm air enters the space or letting cold or warm air escape from the space.

Why should you repair a broken window seal? 

A sealed window is typically a triple or double-paned window that has been factory sealed with gases injected between the panes. Also known as insulated gas units (IGUs), these gas-filled windows are much more common than single-paned glass windows in homes built in recent decades.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, gas fills in windows improve energy efficiency, which — along with insulated doors and walls — can ultimately reduce your utility bills. The gas filling the space between the panes of IGUs is usually either krypton or argon. These slow-moving gases permit less convection than oxygen, so their presence helps improve the thermal efficiency of your window. The gases limit heat transference and more effectively insulate your home against summer heat and winter cold.

Gas-filled windows can leak as much as 1% per year, slowly reducing their efficacy over time. Even so, they should still provide good insulation for 20 years or more after installation.

Damage to your window panes can breach the glass seal, allowing the gas inside to leak out and eliminating the insulating power of the triple- or double-paned window. If you can see the actual damage to the seal or glass, or notice moisture or condensation gathering between the panes, it may be time for a professional to help replace the panes or fix the seal.

Cost of repairing a window seal?

Window leak repair costs vary based on the problem, but replacement of entire insulating gas units generally costs around $800 per window to replace, depending on the type of window. Cost to repair can generally cost as low as $50-$75 per window to include leak test, repair and post repair leak test.  Window leaks are not a DIY project, consult an expert from Clean D Windows. Window leak repairs can be costly, but if you don’t fix it and allow the leaks to continue, the damage will increase, and eventually, you’ll need more serious repairs. Window seal repair services are a great way to keep your home dry while also saving you money over time.

Why Do I Need A Window Seal Repair Expert?

Technically inclined home or business owners can repair some simple window leaks using a few basic plumbing tools. But if you aren’t familiar with the parts of your IGUs, or if you are in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, hiring a professional from Clean D Windows is recommended to ensure that the gas between the panes doesn’t escape. Window seals require replacement when the glass panes are broken, or when the seal breaks. Window leak repair expert services can prevent moisture damage by replacing old shutters and repairing damaged window seals in order to help keep heat inside your home throughout the winter.

How Does A Clean D Expert Find The Cause Of Window Leaks?

Window leak repair experts can assess your windows to determine whether they need to be completely replaced or may simply need repairs.

To make their assessments, many Window Leak Repair Experts will do a number of visual checks on your IGUs:

  • Look at window frames to assess whether the window frames are damaged
  • Check window seal condition to identify damage to your window seals
  • Check Window Seal Rubber
  • Perform a water leak test to determine the entry point of the leak
  • Perform a water leak test after repair to ensure the leak has been fixed

Our Experts also use a variety of other tools to help them repair your IGUs, including:

  • Thermometers- our experts check temperature readings inside and outside your home, looking for leaks that may be causing a draft.
  • Digital infrared cameras – we look for areas of heat loss or gain.
  • Stethoscope – this tool is used to locate any problems within the gas spaces inside your IGUs.
  • Pressurized water to simulate a heavy rain

Window leak repair is essential when dealing with older windows whose seals may have been compromised to ensure that your home stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer while also preserving energy consumption. Window Leak Repair Experts from Clean D Windows can help you fix and maintain your IGUs to save on energy and remodeling costs.

Why Choose Clean D Windows for Your Window Seal Repair Services?

Window Leak Repair is an essential part of Window Maintenance. Contact Clean D Window Experts today for a Window Leak Repair Estimate.  Clean D Window Experts are the Window Enthusiasts that assist you to Get more Energy Efficient, Save Money, and Live Healthier.  The leak repair experts of Clean D Window look forward to helping you!