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There are many commonly asked window cleaning questions that only a true expert could answer properly. Within our company, we have many years of experience cleaning windows from commercial properties to high-rise buildings to newly done construction buildings. Clean D Window Cleaning has been cleaning windows for 15+ years. Our team knows how to get windows streak-free, without smears, and what tools and tricks are necessary to get your windows looking brand new!

Therefore, our team of experts has compiled a list of window cleaning questions from our customers. Below are a few questions, and our professional recommendations.

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Commercial Window Cleaning in AZ

A clean workplace is essential for productivity, health, and success! Clean D Window Cleaning and Power Washing located in Tempe, AZ is one of the area’s most trusted by residential and commercial window cleaning companies. Here, our staff explains some of the ways commercial window cleaning can benefit your business.

Five Ways Commercial Window Cleaning Benefits Your Business:

1. Health – A clean office is essential to preserving employees’ health. They will feel better in a clean environment and, thus, will be more productive. Cleanliness is especially pertinent for staff members with allergies or asthma; they could have reactions to dust or other debris circulating in the air.

2. Productivity – Window cleaning can be a time-consuming, difficult task. If an employee has to do it, they won’t have as much time or energy to perform their regular work. A commercial window cleaning technician can get the job done quickly and efficiently, allowing your employees to remain focused and productive.

3. Safety – Commercial window cleaning specialists have the proper training and equipment to do the job safely. The risk is too high to allow non-professionals to attempt window cleaning on high-rises or other tall structures. Professional window cleaners know what precautionary measures to take to prevent accidents.

4. Positive Image – Curb appeal can make all the difference when it comes to impressing a prospective new associate, employee, or customer. A dirty office can signify poor business practices, while a clean, bright office suggests a sophisticated, detail-oriented business. A commercial window cleaner will ensure your windows are spotless and streak-free, so you’ll always be able to make a stellar first impression.

5. Building Maintenance – Property maintenance is crucial, especially if you’re leasing. A commercial window cleaner will make sure the windows are always cleaned up to par with lease requirements. A professional cleaner is also more likely to notice signs of damage or deterioration. If the commercial window cleaner does see any evidence of disrepair, he or she will be able to notify you promptly so you can repair the issue before it worsens.

For professional residential and commercial window cleaning in the Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale, Arizona area, call the professionals at Clean D Window Cleaning. We also offer an array of additional services, including pressure washing and roof treatments.

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Window cleaning frequency is a preference, but it is a good idea to clean your windows 2 times per year. Many customers will clean 1 time per year on the inside and outside and 1 time a year on the exterior only after that. You should clean your windows at least 1 time per year to keep the windows in a sustainable condition. More than 1 year can cause corrosion, cracked seals, and/or will require more advanced cleaning methods.
There are 3 required insurances; General Liability, Workers Compensation and Auto.

General Liability covers the property in the event of damage. Workers Compensation protects the employees and Auto is for operating a motor vehicle.

Many other insurances are required depending on the type of property and scope of work. Employers liability (theft and other employer protection), Inland Marine (equipment and rental equipment) and Umbrella's that (blanket the overages on your policy) to provide additional coverage if needed.
Typically, window cleaners use dish soap (Palmolive, Dawn, Joy etc). The purpose of soap is to remove the friction between the squeegee blade and the window. It also helps with visibility between areas cleaned and uncleaned. There are other "specialty soap" that are available on the market, but nothing works as good as good ol' dish soap.

Pro tip: Too much soap will make water dry faster, especially in direct sun light.
High rise window cleaners, in many cases, are among the most skilled and developed of the cleaners. They are typically experienced in all aspects of window cleaning and proficient the equipment used to gain access (lift, bosun chair, swing stage, etc.). High rise window cleaners are held to a high standard of safety and knowledge of state and federal regulations. Many window cleaners enjoy getting paid on a commission basis and typically make between $18-$30 per hour based on the job including difficulty, working knowledge of the property and depth of cleaning required.

Clean D Window Cleaning technicians are among the highest paid cleaners in Arizona. Because of this we hold our staff to a higher standard and thoroughness of cleaning.
Windows should always be cleaned to maintain the integrity of the window. Having a great clear view through your windows is a great benefit and makes your home look and feel clean. In addition, it is important to also clean and lubricate the seals. If not, the seals will dry up and begin to crack which can lead to water leaks. On double pane windows, between the panes is nitrogen gas. If the seals leak, the gas will escape, and moisture will find a way in between the windows leaving what looks like streaks or runs down the window. Many times, it will also become hazy to see out of. Lastly, minerals from rain, pollution, sprinkler water that carries calcium, and other elements can build up on the window. If this is not removed, the sun will bake in the impurities, and it can be very difficult to remove. It is recommended that you clean your windows at least on an annual basis to prevent damage.
Being a high-rise window cleaner looks dangerous and can be if not properly trained. The initial training can be a bit scary, but once a cleaner becomes comfortable with the equipment and working at specific heights, cleaning can be very satisfying. High rise window cleaners have a great view of the surrounding areas, draw lots of questions and interest from pedestrians below, and enjoy working outside with a constant change of scenery. Wind and the sun are window cleaners' nemesis. These climatic elements can make working more difficult and uncomfortable. Every building has its own challenges and rewards for the cleaner. Overall, these cleaners make a good living and typically in good shape from the physical demands that are required to perform the task.
Monsoon season in Arizona typically means high winds with rain that follows. Kicking up lots of dust. Monsoon season typically starts in July and lasts through September every year.
​T-Bar with mop cover and squeegee is the most typical cleaning tool. Newer methods could include purified water and a scrubber on a pole but will not come out as good as traditional methods using a squeegee. Depending on if there is hard water, calcium or other corrosion on the window may require other methods.
Hiring a cleaning service comes with a lot of perks. One being, you do not need to do the cleaning yourself, and others being that you are not capable of doing the cleaning yourself. Skilled cleaners bring a level of experience to the job site which makes the cleaning completed faster, safer, and with a higher level of quality. Hiring a reputable cleaning company can save you lots of headaches and are covered with insurance in case of an injury or damage. With more complicated surfaces, using an incorrect cleaning method or tools can cause damage if not used properly. In the end, you will save time and money by hiring a cleaning company.
Using a sharp squeegee blade is the first thing. Make sure that there is plenty of water on the window, so the window does not dry is the next most important step. Try not to clean the windows when it is windy and not in the sun. The window will heat up and dry the window up fast, making it hard to not have streaks. Having too much soap in the water will also make the window dry faster. Many cleaners have used vinegar in the water. Vinegar is a mild acid and evaporates most of the residue.
Professional window cleaners carry insurance, employ skilled labor that has been trained, and are efficient in the cleaning process. The quality of the window cleaning will be better and accessing all the windows will be safer and avoid injury. If Windex or other cleaning agents are used and wiped down with a rag or towel, the cleaner used will leave behind residue which will make the window look dirty faster between cleanings as dirt sticks to the left behind residue. Using cleaners and a squeegee is the best. The squeegee gently removes all residue from the glass after passing over the area with the rubber squeegee blade.
Depending on how advanced the hard water is on the window, a variety of techniques can be used. Start by using your fingernail and if you can feel the buildup. If the surface is smooth, you may be able to use steel wool. Make sure the steel wool is wet and use some elbow grease. If this does not work, the next step is to use a less harsh method to the window by using Sorbo powder, which can be found at a janitorial supply store. Apply the powder to the window with a wet scrubbing agent that will not damage the window like a white pad. If this does not work, an acidic compound will need to be used. Only let professionals perform this process. One can damage the window or other components of the window very easily if not used properly.
Skyscrapers are cleaned using brushes or mop applicators and squeegeed off to remove water and dirt. Skyscrapers under 300 feet can be accessed using a bosun chair. If there are insets, a cleaner may have to do a mid-air transfer to attach to anchorages located inside the inset. For buildings above 300 feet, a swing stage needs to be used per OSHA. Some high skyscrapers are equipped with a BMU (Building Maintenance Unit) which is like a boom lift permanently installed on the roof of the building.
Remove the screen, use a foxtail or comparable bristled brush to agitate both sides of the screen. Use a damp cloth to remove any dust particles left before reinstalling. If needed, use a weed sprayer, and add Screen Magic. Lightly mist over the screen, wipe evenly with a microfiber towel and let dry before re-installing on the window. Use water and a hose as a last result for dirty screens. Let dry and wipe frames off.
Hosing down the screens is one way to clean the screens. ​Here in Arizona, water is hard and has a lot of calcium which can dry out the screen mesh and over time will become brittle and fall apart. We do not recommend using power washers for the same reason. Using a brush to agitate the screen is a good way to remove dirt and won't damage the screen. If your screen does become dry starts to fade a little, Screen Magic is a good solution to lightly mist on the screen mesh and wipe evenly with a microfiber towel can put moisture back into the screen and make your screen look new again.
Windows can get build upon them over time and the sun "bakes" the impurities into the pores of the glass. Depending on how long it has been since the window was last cleaned, different scrubbing applications are suggested. Using soapy water and a synthetic bristled brush can scrub deeper and can agitate the window better. A "T" handle and mop cover is the most common scrubber used. There are a variety of different covers available that have different scrubbing power and holds water depending on if you are working on the inside where scrubbing is not needed as much, and less water will drop from the mop. On the outside of the window, there is more dirt so a mop cover that holds more water can be advantageous to the cleaner.
There are different cleaning products for different applications. Typically, dish soap is a good cleaning agent when using window cleaning tools. The soap helps remove grease and grime from the windows and frames at the same time removing the friction away from between the glass and rubber squeegee tools. Water fed poles are a newer system that requires a filtration system to remove impurities from the water. The water is fed through a hose to a brush that scrubs and rinses the windows to remove dirt and other impurities from the glass. To remove hard water, using a cleaning agent like Winsol 550, Spot fade, or Sorbo powder can remove the calcium and other corrosion from the glass. Be careful, these agents have acidic properties and can damage windows and frames if not used properly. They can also be corrosive to metals. Some aftermarket cleaning compounds are available, but for typical window cleaning, dish soap is the preferred product used by professionals.
Window cleaning costs can vary depending on the location of the property and other local market drivers. Window cleaning costs can be difficult to determine but always starts with the type of property, tools, and equipment needed for the job and how long a job might take to complete. Construction cleaning takes longer because the construction debris will need to be removed with steel wool, razor blades, and even sometimes window treatment with chemicals. Higher windows need to be accessed with ladders, poles, aerial equipment, swing stages, or bosun chairs to clean. With all considered, cleaning companies typically charge between $35-$60 per hour depending on location.
Cleaning service businesses are great businesses to run. People and businesses alike need service contractors for their specialized skill sets to assist in managing assets. Service businesses are also considered recession-proof as the economic climate and trends have less of an impact on these types of businesses. High rise window cleaning in a special niche business that employs cleaners that not only can clean windows, but also have the skill set of operating a variety of specialized equipment to gain access to the windows which requires a deeper knowledge of the window cleaning industry and tradesman.
Professional window cleaners use two very important tools when washing windows. Whether it’s for your home or business, professionals use dish soap in water, and a squeegee to leave a streak free shiny window or mirror. There is no need for ammonia or vinegar to get a window or mirror spot free. Simply use a good quality squeegee and you will get the results you are looking for!