Clean D Window Cleaning is a large commercial contractor that services the entire Arizona valley. Our team works on a variety of different buildings which include commercial, construction, HOA, and high-rise buildings. Our services include window cleaning, pressure washing, solar panel cleaning, and glass restoration.

This is a special opportunity for the right person who is looking to find a stable work environment working as a team with a good compensation package!

  • 5 PTO days (3 sick days and 2 vacation days)
  • Ground floor workers receive an average of $16-$20 per hour
  • High rise workers receive an average of $20-$30 per hour
  • Bonuses are paid out based on performance
  • Offering the highest compensation possible to retain a great field staff
  • Using the most advanced cleaning tools to provide efficiency, reliability, and versatility to our customers

A typical workday includes employees getting their workload on a mobile app. This is where employees can find details about the jobs they’ll be working on. A typical workday is about 5-7 hours.

Clean D Window Cleaning is looking for trustworthy team members that can arrive on time, perform tasks in a safe yet efficient manner with minimal quality issues. The right candidate will have experience working outside, be mechanically inclined, and has good customer service skills.

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