Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Solar panels are used to produce electricity by absorbing sunlight. However, if you live in an area with a lot of particulates in the air, it’s a good idea to get your panels cleaned at least once every six months. Dirty solar panels mean less energy and this is why regular cleaning is an essential component of any solar panel maintenance program.

Our Work & Expertise

Our solar panel cleaning services include solar panel pressure washing, wiping, repainting, repairs, and deep cleaning. Solar panels have a lifespan of about 20 years when properly maintained. Before beginning the cleaning process, panels are inspected and removed of any debris. They’re then sprayed down with water at minimal pressure, ensuring that mineral deposit is avoided. A soft-bristled brush is used to clean heavy soil accumulation on solar modules only where absolutely necessary.

The typical solar panel cleaning services include the following:

  • For best results, it is recommended that you refrain from using harsh chemicals or abrasives when cleaning your solar panels.
  • Before we start cleaning your solar panels, we make sure to check the area for any hazardous substances.
  • Make sure to cover all electrical equipment with tarps before spraying the solar panels.
  • An aerial man lift may be necessary to reach the higher modules.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean D Windows uses pure reverse-osmosis deionized water for our service to assure you of an environmentally friendly and high-quality product!

Solar Panel Efficiency Checks

Regular inspection of solar panels will help you to operate your system at peak capacity.

Why is Solar Panel Cleaning Important?

Save Money and Produce More Energy

Maintaining your solar panels is vital for getting the most out of them. Without a regular cleaning, dust, grime, and other pollutants will decrease how efficiently they work. Clean D Windows offers services for home and business owners including rooftop & carport systems, covered parking on commercial properties, as well as large ground arrays.

Residential & Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Services

Clean D Windows provides professional solar panel cleaning services for all residential and commercial sites. By using high-quality products, including tools specifically designed for solar panels, we can safely clean your panels so that you extend their life and maintain their efficiency. Cleaning is available as either a single visit or monthly maintenance that will help prolong the life of your panels, as well as keep them working at their optimum level.

For every solar panel installation we perform, Clean D performs solar panel cleaning services as part of our solar maintenance service. Our cleaning technicians will utilize purified water in conjunction with a water fed pole with brush or pressure washing wands for the deepest and most effective cleaning without damaging the hardware of the solar panel/s.  In addition, a visual inspection for defective or damaged components will be performed and reported to customer upon completion.

Solar Panel Cleaning Cost

Solar panel prices vary depending on factors like roof slant, the height of the home, and system size. There is some variation in pricing at $2-$5 per panel, but typically it varies from a flat rate range between $150 on smaller jobs. Since most solar energy systems require little to no maintenance during the year, it is important for homeowners to get an annual inspection and cleaning to keep their system operating at its best. When you conduct a regular panel cleaning regimen, your energy bills will decrease dramatically helping with the ROI of your financial investment.

Solar Panel Maintenance & Inspections

Solar panels are a one-time investment that will not require much in the way of maintenance. Solar panel cleaning is the only concern you’ll have. These systems typically come with monitoring options that allow you to watch how your solar panels are performing and when equipment starts to malfunction. If there’s a change, consult with an expert like Clean D Windows in your area for help.

Sunlight will eventually fade any surface, one way to mitigate this from happening is by scheduling an annual inspection — and if you don’t notice anything new at your next appointment, it was worth the money you saved on subsequent inspections that could have turned up bigger problems down the line. Small cracks in your solar panels can grow and become a major issue, so solar panel cleaning is essential. Clean D Windows takes the worry out of solar panel maintenance by providing expert care!

Why Choose Clean D Windows?

There are plenty of solar panel cleaning companies in the marketplace, and many solar panel experts agree that Clean D Windows is the go-to solar care specialist. We provide solar panel installation services as well, which makes us a one-stop solar provider. We can take care of your solar panels on an annual basis with our solar maintenance service. With monthly visits or as a single visit, you’ll get all sorts of solar care perks like pest protection barriers and professional supplies specifically designed for solar panels.

Clean D Windows solar panel cleaning services are available throughout Phoenix, AZ. With over 20 years of working experience in solar energy, Clean D is the solar expert you can count on! For more information or to schedule a solar inspection or solar cleaning visit, contact Clean D Windows today!