Rigid Anchor Installation

Suspension Systems

When was the last time you had your building’s suspension system inspected? Be sure to stay in compliance with federal standards and protect your building by having a competent person do an on-site evaluation annually per OSHA regulations. Buildings are also required to do an 10-year inspection which includes putting a load of 5,000 lbs […]
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Titans Win PONY League Championship 2021

Small Business Owner Wins Baseball Championship

Our very own, Jason Barclay, coaches Chandler 13U baseball team, Tians, to win the championship. The boy’s baseball team played in the PONY League Championship on Saturday night, June 5, 2021. After all their hard work and dedication the boy’s baseball team won their division and were awarded rings. Even though 2020 was a rough […]
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Jason Barclay Arizona is known for its hard water and the damage it can cause to glass surfaces. Sprinklers and shrub bubblers are the most common reasons why corrosion ends up on the glass. The heat increases the reaction time for corrosion development. Yes, sadly the minerals corrode the glass surface, and it needs to […]
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Jason Barclay Commercial and Residential windows are expensive to replace! Clean D Windows can save you at least 70% of the cost of replacement with our Window Restoration Services. This is accomplished by resurfacing the glass to remove scratches, oxidation, corrosion and hard water build up or damage such as graffiti acid pen stains. Window […]
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Window Cleaning Services Done Safely

There’s a lot more going on behind the scenes when it comes to cleaning windows, whether it is for small three-story buildings or skyscrapers. Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when performing a job, not only for the safety of the staff, but also to avoid damages to the property. Clean […]
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Jason Barclay How to identify “Welders Lag” on windows? When contractors are welding or grinding around windows, the sparks and hot metals produce burns on the glass, leaving behind blemishes on the windows. This can be removed by restoring the glass with a polisher, different grits of sandpaper, and compounds. Many times, this solution is […]
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